Why Your Cat Sits In Random Places

If you find your cat sitting in the most random places, you might be surprised to find that they are more than lazy choices.

Cat owners are familiar with the phrase “if it fits, I sits.” This phrase is used vastly in online forums and means worldwide. This is so popular because we find our cats snoozing and sitting in awkward places and positions.

Finding an explanation as to why our feline friends do what they do or why they sit in random places can be narrowed down to a couple of reasons, mainly comfort and safety.

We often find our own cats sat in the most random of places around the house and they love to find new places that they haven’t sat in before.

In this article we dive a little bit deeper into the cat’s preferred perch and why.

Cats Are Found In The Most Random Places Around The Home

Upon stumbling upon our feline companions lounging in strange spots, we may find ourselves wondering why they chose it.

Some of the most popular places people find their cats hanging out include:

  • Boxes
  • Shelves
  • A pile of papers
  • Closet
  • Windows
  • Baskets
  • Under the covers
  • Back of the couch or chair
  • A patch of sunlight
  • Sink

These are only a few of the funny places kitties choose to perch. So what do all of these have in common?

  • Warmth
  • Safety & surveillance
  • Scent
  • Attention

Cat’s will often seek safety and security even if they are domesticated and have been so their whole life.

They make such great companions because we can provide these things for them. They will often show their love and appreciation with gifts like birds and mice at your doorstep.

Temperature Control

Cats will often be found in cozy corners like a linen closet or curled up in the only patch of sunlight creeping through the windows.

This is because cats will instinctively sit or nap in an area that is ideal for temperature regulation. Though they are covered in fur, they still need that extra warmth.

Does your cat curl up on your head or lay on your chest? Cats snuggle up close to their loved ones for similar reasons why we snuggle.

Snuggles are warm and comforting and perfect for keeping each other warm.  Our heads and bodies give off body heat that helps to keep our furry friends warm, and they too in return keep us warm. 

Then there is the notorious box.

No matter how big or small the box is, it is a favorite place for a cat to sit. Cats will often be found attempting to sit in boxes that are too small. While this is quite comical it is because cardboard boxes not only make entertaining scratching noises for interactive play, but are great for insulation.

Boxes are full of sensory satisfaction for cats and comfort.

Cats Love To Be Up High For Safety And Surveillance

You may notice your cat sitting on the counter or climbing to a shelf in a closet. The reason behind this behavior is more than the need to climb.

Feline’s natural survival instincts encourage them to sit in spots optimal for surveillance of the area so they can keep an eye on what is going on at all times.

Safety is another reason why you will find your cat in a secure and high perch like the refrigerator.

The high sitting spot allows a clear lookout of their very own. They know that not many creatures or humans will attempt to invade such a high vantage point and so they stay above the heads of those around them.

This is also the perfect place to stalk prey from above, however the house cat will likely only be stalking your every move. This is also why cats love climbing trees.

Scent Marks The Best Spots

You may find your cat sitting in his favorite spot often, such as your pillow or the end of the bed.

Perhaps their favorite spot is also one where you are often found.

The reason they sit in places you often relax is that your scent is comforting to them.  Even though cats are independent creatures, they still need the scent and feel of their loved ones close to them.

Is one of your cat’s favorite places on your lap or wrapped around your shoulders? The way the cat sees it, you are their property and they have claimed you as such. They claim you by leaving a scent trail.

This can simply be done by rubbing against things. This is how they leave their scent with you as well as other places you will find them in the house.

Positions Are Clues To A Cat’s Mood and Needs

Now that we have looked at why cats are found sitting in the most random places and why, what can you learn from their position or posture?

You will notice along with where your cat decides to sit, their position or body language will also vary. These are clues to how your cat may be feeling.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Upset By Their Sitting Position

An angry cat needs space and patience. How can you tell when they are angry?

Pay very close attention to their body language. Any angry cat will often exhibit these signs:

  • Growling
  • Ears laid back or pointed backwards
  • Hair will stand on edge
  • Cat will fluff up to look larger
  • Tail Rapidly swishing

If you know what is triggering your cat’s angry response, remove it. Don’t try to hold and snuggle your cat. Give them space to calm down.

If this type of behavior happens often, your cat may not feel well or could be in pain. It maybe time for a vet visit.

The Happy Cat Is Cool As A Cucumber

Everyone’s favorite kind of cat is a happy cat. How can you determine if your cat is happy by how it’s sitting?

The happy cat will sit:

  • Upright and relaxed
  • Eyes will be closed or partially closed
  • Purring
  • Relaxed tail
  • Non-aggressive

The happy cat will be found in his favorite spots watching the world go by with contentment.

Sometimes you will find them curled up napping in those favorite spots with their body twisted so the tummy is visible and paws are chilling in the air. This is also a tell-tale sign of a happy cat.

Is Your Cat Anxious Or Fearful?

How can you tell if your cat’s sitting position indicates fear or anxiousness?

Watch for some of these signs:

  • Cat is sitting hunched or in a lower position
  • The cat’s eyes are enlarged and darting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Tail is lowered and swishing slowly or rapidly
  • Aggressive behavior similar to the “angry cat”

Provide your cat with a safe place away from the noise and chaos where they can retreat and relax.

Sprinkle some catnip in a special place or a comfortable cat bed. Give your cat extra love and snuggles as needed so they do not feel alone. Your love and reassurance may be the cure he needs to relax.

Cats Sit Intentionally In Random Spaces and Places

We have learned that cats who sit in random places are not so random at all.

There is a reason for these places and spaces your cat is found in, that stems from its instincts and moods.

We all know cats can be full of personality and even mood swings that can be detected by their sitting position and body language. By being observant of our cat’s behavior and favorite spots, we can decode why and react accordingly to have a happy and healthy cat.