Will My Cat Fall Out The Window?

Pets can be painfully unpredictable at times, but it seems that cats can be even more courageous than we would like or expect.

From getting up on high surfaces and walking them like a tightrope to, yes, jumping out of windows, cats are much more likely to push the envelope. As opposed to dogs that get scared at the slightest noise, cats are becoming more and more fearless.

If you tend to have your windows open frequently, especially on nicer days, there’s a chance that your cat may fall out of the window. Cats love to seek out and explore higher perches and places to walk. As nimble as they can be, a cat’s curiosity may in fact lead him or her to serious injury.

If you live in a first floor apartment, then opening your windows poses less risk to your little furry friend. If you have a house with multiple floors or live on a higher floor, then you will want to be careful when opening those windows with your cat around because they might get a little too curious.

Our male cat actually jumped out of our upstairs window when he was young because he wanted to go outside so bad!

He ended up with a graze on his chin due to the fall distance. We now always keep the windows closed enough so that they can’t jump out.

If you have a cat that seems to be a bit more daring, continue reading to see why cats love heights and how to keep them safe.

Cats And Heights

Cats have quite the affinity for the higher ground and perches where they have a good view of everything that’s going on around them. A cat’s love for heights comes purely from their survival instincts.

Since cats are still a wild animal at heart, they are used to always being mindful of potential predators and dangers to their safety and well-being. In the wild, cats would climb up tall trees and high surfaces for vantage points as well as sleeping. Few animals that would hunt them have the ability to do the same, thus giving cats the advantage of getting up high.

Part of the danger that comes with cats being on high surfaces is if they are declawed.

Their claws give them a better grip and allow them to dig into whatever they might be climbing, giving them the ability to catch themselves if a paw does happen to slip.

Even though it might help make them a little more domesticated, if you are concerned with your cat falling out the window, it might be worth a consultation with your vet to see if declawing him or her is actually a good idea or not.

How To Help Prevent Your Cat From Falling Out Of The Window

If you are not as familiar with cats, let alone owning a cat, then this may sound like a ridiculous topic. Fact of the matter is, this happens a lot more than one might think.

During the summer months, veterinarians can see up to as many as 5 cats per week as a result of falling or jumping from too high of a surface and getting injured. If you are, or plan to be a cat owner, be sure to make note of ways to help prevent your cat from falling out of your window.

Have Screens On Your Windows, And Reinforce Them

During the spring and summer months, it’s really nice to be able to open the windows and let some fresh air flow through the house. However, if you have a cat, adding a screen would help reduce the chances of your cat(s) jumping or falling out of the window.

As stubborn as some cats might be, a screen can help deter them from trying to actually get outside. They can still see outside and feel the breeze.

However, if you do have a cat that likes to claw at and even punch the screen off (let’s be honest, they don’t hold that well), then it would be a good idea to reinforce them from the outside. This can be done in a couple different ways, from nails and screws to good old fashioned duct tape.

For most cats, just having a screen there can be just enough for them to enjoy the outdoors while staying safe. For others, you may have to take more drastic measures.

Mesh Window Guard

Depending on the size of your cat and how strong he or she is, extra reinforcements might be needed if they will do just about anything and everything to physically get outside.

Using a childproof product like a mesh window guard will be more than strong enough to stop your cat, adding an extra 50 to 60 pounds of resistance.

From kids to strong cats, this extra piece of equipment will ensure your cat stays in the house and does not accidentally take a longer fall than anticipated.

If your cat somehow takes this down, then there might have been a problem with the installation, defect with the product, or you don’t own a cat.

Close The Windows Whenever You Leave The House

Life gets busy and before you know it, we are in a rush to get to the next thing and left wondering where the time went.

As a cat owner, be sure to allow the extra couple minutes to shut your windows. He or she may seem like an angel, but when the parents are away, the cats will play. Closing the windows will keep your cat from falling, and will keep your mind at ease.

Something that we think we will all always remember, but checking the windows is a thing that we can easily dismiss or forget, especially if we end up in a rush to go somewhere.

Since the accident with our own cat, we always try to remember to close the windows far enough that they can’t get through, but still open enough to let air through.

Give Your Cat A Perch

Since cats love to be up high and be able to survey the land, why not get something that is made for cats to do just that?

There are actual tree stand houses that are made just for cats. Adding one of these to your home or apartment would give your cat endless fun, would not take up a crazy amount of space, and can be bought at a pretty reasonable price.

Another fix would be to make sure that there are ledges and spots in front of at least a couple windows so your cat can sit up on an elevated surface while taking a look at what is going on outside. A simple window sill can be the perfect perch for your height loving friend.


We would like to think that our pets know what and what not to do, and the dangers that they think are normal but might actually do serious harm.

Cats and windows are like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately they just go hand in hand and now it is the owners responsibility to ensure those natural instincts don’t get his or her cat into a dangerous situation.

It’s important to remember that our pets are still wild animals, so they will continue to have those instincts that tell them what to do.

The cat in the tree story is not just for movies, because you never know how bold your little feline friend may get before realizing it wasn’t all he or she thought it would be. Be sure to take the necessary precautions to keep your cat in check and your mind at ease!